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  • Wild Panda Slot Review: Everything You Need to Know

    Wild Panda Slot Review: Everything You Need to Know

    There is hardly any person in the world today that does not like pandas; there is very little to dislike about these furry creatures, mainly because they are listed as one of the most endangered species in the wild today. But, do not let this cuddly look fool you – pandas are known to be quite vicious if you happen to get too close. Similarly, the Wild Panda slot is as approachable as it gets and features one of nature’s most fascinating creatures as its theme.

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  • Additional Info

    Released 2015

    Software Aristocrat

    Rolls 5

    Paylines 100

    Minimum Bet 1 per line

    Maximum Bet 50 per line

  • Screenshots
    • Reels: 5
    • Paylines: 100
    • Min Coins Size: 0.01
    • Max Coins Size: 1
    • Min Coins Per Line: 1
    • Max Coins Per Line: 50

    Wild Panda slot has a strong leaning towards the Asian market. It is quite a bold move in this regard since the panda is held in very high esteem by the world’s largest market demographics. The game is quite easy to understand, and there are a lot of features and bonuses fitted in to keep you engaged for hours together. Let us read more in this Wild Panda slot review below.

    Who Has Developed The Wild Panda Slot?

    Wild Panda slot has been developed by one of the most popular, trusted, and famous software providers for the online slot market – Aristocrat. The Australian company is known for delivering some of the world’s best online gaming titles and has become a force to be reckoned with. The slot development company started in 1953 and remained a household name among other software developers, professional gamblers, online casinos, etc. with their slot machine prowess.

    Design and Theme of Wild Panda Game

    Wild Panda Slot Review: Everything You Need to Know

    As the name of the game suggests, the primary theme of the game is based on the cuddly panda. The game is set in a bamboo forest. Aristocrat has been able to design the game exceptionally well in terms of graphics and sounds. You will see a dark red background that reveals a bamboo forest upon looking carefully.

    The theme is inspired to save pandas, which is already an endangered species. Found mainly in the forests of China, their numbers are dwindling fast. Wild Panda slot is all about pandas and their natural habitat.

    Overall, the theme and the design are quite remarkable and feature the same levels of animation, sound effects, and graphics that you would see in other slot games by Aristocrat. The slot consists of 100 pay lines and five reels. All the controls are stretched out underneath the reels and have been marked.

    What Are The Symbols In The Wild Panda Slot Game?

    You will also see a wide range of symbols, including the regular card symbols ranging from 10 to Ace. The other symbols in this slot game include the Lotus Flower, the Bamboo Sprout, the Gold Fish or Koi, the Mandolin or Ruan, the Temple, or Pagoda, the Umbrella, and the Chinese Gold Coin.

    The Panda symbol is the Wild symbol in this slot game. It converts into a Wild when the free spin feature is activated. Unlike most other slot games, the free spin feature triggers more frequently. The Gold Coins are the Scatter symbols in the game.

    How Do You Play The Wild Panda Slot Machine?

    At first, you need to choose your bet in the Wild Panda slot game. You need to start with the ‘denomination’ menu, where you will have to set the size of the coin for the game. You can select the appropriate coin per spin by manually increasing or decreasing the value.

    • It is also essential to know that all the pay lines are needed for the game, which is something that new gamblers would not understand immediately.
    • Once you have set your bet sizes, you can tap on the Spin button (yellow triangle button) located at the bottom right corner.

    Alternatively, you also have the Auto-Spin option for expert players to avoid any sort of interruptions. The Auto-Spin option provides you with the chance to make between 5 and 50 automatic spins at the preset bets. While the bets are being spun automatically, you can head to the kitchen and prepare yourself a cup of coffee. But, be sure to check the number of bets per line before hitting the Auto-Spin button. You can also choose to cancel the auto-spin feature at the end of each spin.

    To win in this slot game, you will need to land three or more consecutive symbols from left to right on the win line. However, the highest-paying symbols can also payout for just two in a row.

    The Bonus Feature of Wild Panda Slot Game

    If you can spell PANDA anywhere on the reels, you will be rewarded with five Wild Panda free spins. The P will appear on the first reel. The A appears on the second and fifth reels. The N appears on the third and the D on the fourth. Once you trigger the free spins feature, all the symbols that led to the function will immediately be converted into Wilds. Additionally, they will also substitute the other symbols on the reels, apart from the Gold Coins, thereby offering you a lucrative bonus.

    If you land five Pandas during the free spin feature, you will be rewarded 2,000 coins. Alternatively, three and four Pandas will offer you 500 coins and 1,000 coins, respectively. However, free spins cannot be retriggered while the free spin feature is at play. All credit-bets and bets per line will remain the same in the free spin feature and cannot be changed until the round is over.


    The highest paying symbol during the base game is the Chinese Temple; five of these symbols in the line will reward you with 1,000 coins. Additionally, the jackpot stands at 10,000 that can be won in two different ways.

    The Scatter Symbol

    One method of winning the jackpot is to gather five Scatter symbols on the reel. Once you do, you will notice that your bet will increase by 200x. If you are playing at the maximum coin value of 50, this means that you will be handed 10,000 units. The Scatter symbol will also payout if you manage to land three or four symbols on the reel; however, the prize will not be as high as the jackpot.

    The Wild Symbol

    The second method of winning the jackpot is by landing the Wild symbol during the free spins. It implies that if you are playing at the highest bet value, for instance, $50, your bet will increase by 200x.

    What Are Some Tips For Improving The Win Rate?

    If you want to know how to win Wild Panda slot, you will find this section quite exciting. As most of us already know, slots are quite simple games to understand and play, and you do not even have to invest a lot. Even in the paid versions, you can play for pennies, which is not going to hurt your pocket.

    There are several reasons why gamblers lose their money – they are unable to control their betting urges and tend to wager more than what they are capable of affording.

    Before you learn how to play Wild Panda slot, you need to understand your possibilities of winning in a Wild Panda slot machine. For instance, if you are playing a slot game with five reels, ten symbols, and three rows, you need to take a look at the table below:

    Reel 1 Reel 2 Reel 3 Reel 4 Reel 5
    Row 1 Win Line 1 Win Line 1 Win Line 1 Win Line 1 Win Line 1
    Row 2 Win Line2 Win Line2 Win Line2 Win Line2 Win Line2
    Row 3 Win Line 3 Win Line 3 Win Line 3 Win Line 3 Win Line 3

    On the reel 1, the possibilities of you landing any type of symbol are 1/10, which is 10%. Now, the problem here is that the chances of landing the same symbol on Row 1 are 0.3 (10% x 3).

    • If we repeat the entire process for all the five reels, you will notice that the chances of landing the same symbols on Row 1 are 0.3 for each reel. If you multiply 0.3 by five, you get 0.00243, which implies that you may land the same five symbols on Row 1 minimum 2.43 times for every 1,000 spins.
    • Hence, if you wager the maximum bet of $50 in the slot and spin 1,000 times, you will have to invest $50,000. With that kind of investment, you can at least expect to win 1,000x your wagering amount if you happen to land the Temple five times.
    • In the end, with $1 x 50 credits equal $50 and 1,000 as credit reward multiplied by 50 credits equals 50,000, you will end up with a value of $50,000. It means that you simply broke even.


    However, you might also have the possibility of landing the jackpot in the next spin, or you might not even hit it even after 1,000 spins. The chance of landing the pot is the same for every spin. What should you do in this situation?

    You need to wager an amount that you will be able to sustain for 1,000 spins. You can try out the Wild Panda slot game free version to test this theory and see if you can land a jackpot consisting of five symbols. If you are wagering real money, you need to invest a minimum of $0.01 as your coin value and 50 credits as the bet, which will cost you $0.05 for each spin. If you carry on with this, you will have the potential to win an extra $500 if you happen to land a big jackpot. These Wild Panda slot tips will help increase your chances of winning.


    In this market full of slot games and machines, Wild Panda has managed to create a space for itself, thanks to its appeal to a large number of happy players. Some of the best aspects of the game include its simplicity in design and the opportunity of regular bonus rounds. Rarely will you find an online slot game that offers such high volumes of winning combinations.

    With the above being said, the Wild Panda slot is one of the best slot games today, especially for new players. The instructions for playing the slot game are quite simple and do not confuse new players. It is recommended that you first try the game out for free. Once you get the hang of it, you can test your luck and play Wild Panda slot for real money. As of now, there is no Wild Panda slot mobile app for mobile devices.

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