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  • 50 Lions Slot Review: What You Need to Know

    50 Lions Slot Review: What You Need to Know

    50 Lions slot machine is an exotic slot machine that is developed by Aristocrat, the world-renowned online casino growing company from Australia. This slot game is quite inviting and will take you on a thrilling and unforgettable adventure among the wild animals of the African wilderness.

  • Video Overview
  • Additional Info

    Jackpot 1000

    Min Coins Size 0.01

    Max Coins Size 2.5

    Min Coins Per Line 1

    Max Coins Per Line 1

    Reels 5

    Paylines 50

    Slot Type Video slots

    Software Aristocrat

  • Screenshots

    50 Lions is one of those machines that seem to be everywhere you see – right from land-based casinos to online ones. It is a game that has successfully stood against the test of time and will continue to do so, thanks to the vast number of established customers and an endless amount of newcomers trying out the game.

    For a slot game to be so successful, there needs to be some unique features about it that can capture the attention of the masses. Some of these attributes have been discussed here in this 50 Lions slot review below.

    Theme and Design Of 50 Lions Slots

    From the African savannahs, one image made its way to become the backdrop of the slot game. Aristocrat has created the African Acacia tree as the main backdrop since the tree often grows in isolation in the never-ending grasslands. Additionally, an oversized sunset acts as a frame for the tree.

    Sunset Theme

    50 Lions Slot Review: What You Need to Know

    The sunset background theme acts as the pallet for the game’s soft graphics. You will also see the silhouettes of several giraffes and African elephants moving towards the colorful sky, painted with red and orange pastels. The same color pattern is used in the rainbow-like screen located behind the playing area. The soft pastels then fade and become black at the screen’s bottom. Overall, the entire color theme of the slot game is calming and soothing.

    Exciting Effects

    However, most of us already know that lions are anything but soothing, especially when confronting humans. While most movies today depict lions as sitting or resting, Aristocrat has decided to make use of an animation that shows a lion charging through the grass towards the gambler. This entire effect is quite exciting and has been chosen to enhance your enthusiasm and eagerness.


    The slot game also makes use of ambient background sounds and noise that will make you feel as if you are in a live brick-and-mortar casino where several people around you are engaged in slot games. While this ambient sound might seem unusual, especially for an online casino, it adds depth to the gaming experience by making you feel that people are all around you when you are enjoying the game.

    The kind of attention that has been put into the 50 Lions slot game is something that Aristocrat does in almost every one of its slot titles.

    What Are The Symbols In 50 Lions Slot?

    The Diamond is the Wild symbol that replaces all the other icons in the game, apart from the Scatter. It only appears in reels 2, 3, 4, 5. It is during these free spins bonus games that additional Wild symbols will be added to the reels. Hence, there is more likely that you will see a Wild symbol during the bonus rounds.


    The Scatter symbol is the Protea flower blossom. If you want to trigger a 50 Lions free spins bonus round, you need to land three symbols. The reward will be four times your entire bet. The Scatter symbol appears on reels 1, 2, and 3.

    Low, Medium and High-Value Symbols

    The remaining symbols are divided into the low-, medium-, and high-value groups. The low-value symbols include A, K, Q, J, 9, and 10. The medium-paying symbols include the Acacia Tree and the Singing girl’s symbols. Lastly, the high-value symbols include the Giraffe and the Zebra.

    How Do You Play 50 Lions Slots?

    The game has been named as 50 Lions slots because the game makes use of 50 configurable pay lines. You will see color-coded and numbered bulbs on the sides of the reels, precisely 25 per side. These bulbs light up when the corresponding pay lines are activated and connect to the lines that point out when the rewards are being handed after the spin.

    Control, Widget, Lines

    However, all of the controls are positioned below the reels area. The widget, Lines, controls how many pay lines are currently active. You can tap on the minus or plus buttons to deactivate or activate ten pay lines, respectively, in a single go, and then you can play 50 Lions slot.

    The widget labeled as Bet Per Line also makes use of the plus/minus buttons to help you scroll through the available values, which include:

    • $0.01
    • $0.02
    • $0.05
    • $0.10
    • $0.25
    • $0.50
    • $0.75
    • $1.00
    • $1.25
    • $1.50
    • $2.00
    • $2.50

    The widget that will multiply all the active pay lines by the bet per line is the Total Bet widget, which will let you know the cost of each spin. The total prizes and rewards collected by you on the previous turn will be displayed on the Win widget.

    Auto Widget

    The play control on this slot game also features the Auto widget. If you tap on the plus/minus buttons, you will be able to adjust the number of spins that takes place automatically. All you need to do is tap on Play for the auto-spin feature to take over. Now, the game will keep running automatically, unless your available balance gets finished, you interrupt the spins by tapping on the same button again, you win a bonus round, or you exit the game. To initiate a single spin, you need to tap on the same Play button.

    Play/Stop Button

    The Play button also functions as the Stop button when the reels are in motion, or the game is tallying up the rewards. You can use the Stop button to stop all the animations. However, you should remember that tapping on the Stop button will not change the outcome of the game.

    You will be notified about your available balance right on the information bar located below the game controls. On the far right, you will see the Gear widget that will show you a wide range of settings options that you can use, like enabling the space bar to be used as the spin button, toggling the sound on/off, etc.

    On the far-right, you will see the Question Mark; tapping on it will open up the pay tables.

    Tips For Winning 50 Lions Slot

    It is always easier to comprehend that the money-version of the 50 Lions slot game. The ranges of the coins are accommodative, and both low- and high-rollers can easily play 50 Lions for real money; however, you must ensure that your stake lies precisely between the set ranges.

    You must ensure that you look for the flower symbols if you wish to win ten free spins, which could change your luck. Once the free spins get triggered, do not be afraid to re-trigger them once again. You can also try betting on all the 50 pay lines as it will only increase your chances of winning large amounts of rewards in one go.

    Play For Free

    50 Lions Slot Review: What You Need to Know

    Also, you need to follow some common 50 Lions slot tips that apply to all slot machines. It’s recommended that you play the free version for practice before you try your hand on the real-money version. This way, you will get better acquainted with the rules and combinations, without having to risk any money. You should always ensure that your vigilance is never swayed away; always limit the number of spins that you play and keep the credit’s values memorized.

    If you want to play big amounts of credits, do so wisely. The chances of winning grow when you are playing the bonus rounds. You can increase the bet to the maximum to earn more. However, always remember to keep your cool and never risk everything for just one moment.

    50 Lions on Mobile

    Aristocrat has created a dedicated 50 Lions slot mobile app so that you can enjoy it without having to glue yourself right in front of your computer screen. The app is available for all types of different operating systems like iOS, Android, etc. All you need to do is connect your device to the internet, head over to the App Store/Google Store/any store according to the OS of your mobile device, and download the slot game officially.

    It is always recommended that you play slot games on your mobile devices since your smartphones will not give you any hindrances or limitations. Additionally, the mobile app features all the same bonuses and features that you will see in the original online 50 Lions slot game. On top of that, playing on your mobile device is much more comfortable, and if you happen to land a winning streak, you will not have to stop the game; this is because you will have the comfort carrying your mobile device anywhere you go.


    Most of the slots you will see today are themed based on public figures, events, or popular shows. But 50 Lions slot is one of the most innovative slot games created by Aristocrat. The entire slot game is themed around the environment and features attractive colors and graphics that will take you on a short and entertaining ride through the African savannahs.

    Exceptional Winning Combinations

    There are many different winning combinations present in the slot game, thereby providing you with a good chance of increasing your winning possibilities while having a lot of fun as well. The slot game is fitted with several gambling features that make it quite distinctive and offer a unique gambling experience. Additionally, the multipliers make the game more worth your time and money. While the maximum jackpot might not be as high as other slot games, the multipliers will be able to help you win significant rewards.

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